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This project was a huge undertaking. To begin the process of revamping the website, we started out by creating user flows of the website. We wanted to keep the main navigation as simple as possible to keep the ordering process easy.

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After the user flows were approved by ownership, we began the process of creating wireframes. We did a ton of research and worked with the coding company to come up with the best way to lay out each page. Again, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so the ordering process was not confusing.



After the wireframes were approved, we started the design process. This is always the fun part because it's where the website and mobile apps come to life. We chose the colors, fonts and media we wanted to display.

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The configurator was the biggest challenge of this project for our team. We have a total of 27 colors of SeaDek (but always adding new colors), 2 textures,w 50 designer laser patterns and multiple layer options for the flooring. We wanted the customer to be able to see what they were choosing before ordering, so we came up with this idea. I shot a base image for each texture and thickness, then we photoshopped the different color options.



Once the website was launched and fully tested by our team, we began the process of interviewing other departments within the company and interviewing our customers so we could gather feedback and identify areas of opportunity, as well as areas needing improvement. After gathering the information, we would brainstorm solutions and begin the process of implementing and testing our new ideas.

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